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The main product extracted from oranges is the frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ). FCOJ is produced without affecting quality and with no additives, using an appropriate extraction and concentration process. Immediately after, the juice is frozen at low temperatures to preserve its natural properties, especially vitamin C. The juice maintains its original flavor and quality when it is reconstituted. FCOJ

As by-products of the juice extraction process, the Montecitrus Group recovers several products, used in many applications:
Frozen Orange Pulp - is added to the reconstituted juice to obtain a higher content of fiber and natural flavor.
Pulp Wash - with excellent stabilizing properties, Pulp Wash is used in the beverage and soft drink industry.
Citrus Pulp Pellets - used as a component of animal feed and well liked for its proteinic properties and attractive odor for feeding the animals.
Essential Orange Oils, D'Limonene, Water Phase and Oil Phase Essences - all these products have large applications in food, flavor and fragrance industries, chemical, solvent, cosmetic, cleaning and hygiene products.
Orange yield Source: CitrOvita

oranges The Montecitrus Group, as one of the largest individual orange producers of Brazil, supplies fresh fruit to several distributors, with tasty and high quality varieties for in natura consumption and for producing pasteurized juice.


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