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To obtain the best integration and efficiency through the Group of orange Producers, in processing and commercialization of orange, orange juice and by-products. To participate in the organization, producers must agree to comply with the Group's objectives, economic activities and operational conditions.

The Montecitrus Group is comprised of the following companies:
Montecitrus Participações Ltda.;
Montecitrus Trading S/A;
Montecitrus Serviços Técnicos Agrícolas Ltda.;
Montecitrus International Ltd;
Montecitrus Holding B.V.;
Montecitrus Importação e Exportação Ltda.

Producers are directly responsible for their groves. They have the Group's support on operations and they rely upon the support of Uniceres, the Cooperative formed and managed by Montecitrus' members.
Harvest and Transportation:
For fruit picking and transportation, producers have access to services rendered by an Agricultutal Labor Cooperative belonging to growers of the Group, which organizes and operates the transportation flow of the fruits to the processing plants.
In order to process the fruit, we use the facilities of Citrovita, company that have plants in the municipalities of Araras, Matão and Catanduva, all located in the interior of the State of São Paulo.
The Group uses a transportation system for bulk juice. This transportation system includes warehouse with storage capacity of concentrated juice located in the Port of Santos. Additionally the Group has a ship for juice transportation and a port terminal in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Montecitrus Group has a long tradition in forming partnership. The main objective in the partnership relations is to vertically integrate the entire production line and commercialization of concentrated and orange by-products.

Montecitrus seeks to develop high level of efficiency and to build upon the strength of the partner group to obtain advantages of the synergetic relationships therein. The key example of the strength of this type of partnership is the Cambuhy MC partnership developed in 1995. The Votorantin Group has subsequently (1998) incorporated Cambuhy MC and Citrovita continues to produce FCOJ and byproducts to Montecitrus under a tolling agreement. Montecitrus has successfully marketed and commercialized its products in several countries on various continents through all the world.



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