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Why Organic?

The most important organic product extracted from the organic oranges produced by Montecitrus and processed by Citrovita is the organic frozen concentrated orange juice (OFCOJ). It is produced by extracting and concentrating, totally isolated from the conventional product. Similarly to the conventional juice, the OFCOJ is produced without affecting its qualities and without any use of additives, and after the process, frozen at low temperatures to preserve its natural properties, especially vitamin C. OFCOJ - IBD stamp
The product is packaged in drums and segregated from production until it is delivered to the final client. The juice, when reconstituted, maintains its original flavor and quality, offering an excellent product for our health.

Other organic produces produced by Citrovita:
Integral Organic Orange Juice, pasteurized and ready to drink, with qualities and flavor equivalent to the freshly squeezed orange juice.
Frozen Organic Orange Pulp, to which the reconstituted juice is added to obtain a higher grade of fiber and natural flavor.
Essential Oil from Organic Oranges, with large applications in the food, flavor and fragrances industries, cosmetic, cleaning and hygiene products.
oranges As the largest individual producer of organic oranges, Montecitrus also supplies high quality fresh organic fruit, of tasty varieties for in natura consumption.


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