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The Montecitrus Group was formed in 1983 by a successful traditional orange Producers association of the Monte Azul Paulista region, located in the Northern Region of State of São Paulo, one of the major citrus plantation regions of the world. The Producers, who descent from immigrants, were the pioneers in implementing citriculture in the region, and this has been fundamental to the orange juice industry. location map
orange grove In the beginning, the Group had an area of approximately 15-thousand hectares and produced 5 million boxes of oranges. The success attained over time contributed to the its expansion and to the development of new groves using the most advanced cultivation techniques, consolidating Montecitrus as one of the largest and most efficient companies in the industry in recent years.
Currently, the Montecitrus Group has 320 properties and 221 Members, distributed along the whole citrus belt of the States of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, with a planted area of 34 thousand hectares and 11 million trees. Its annual production averages 20 million boxes, guaranteeing to the Company quality fruit supplies of the most important varieties during the whole season. orange grove
In addition to expanding production, the Montecitrus Group made many improvements in the areas of processing, logistics and commercialization, using its own investments and through partnerships with third parties.


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